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Photo of the Week No. 50: “For the Birds”

December 15, 2018

This Photo of the Week centers on one of the prettiest little birds I spotted out in San Francisco. I wish I knew what species of bird it was. I love the iridescence found in its feathers and how it flows seamlessly between black, blue and green. It was curious, hopping around and then pausing to observe the scenery. Or perhaps it was in scavenge mode trying to find food. Now that I think of it, the bird has a tiny treat in its mouth. In any event, it was relaxing to sit back and watch wildlife, and is something I should do more of. Alternate titles: “The Early Bird Gets the Worm,” “Freebird,” and “Fine Feathers.”

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Photo of the Week No. 48: “Heavy on the Chocolate”

December 1, 2018

I’ve been thinking back to a special cup of hot chocolate that warmed my soul during a jaunt in San Francisco, since the past few days have been on the chilly side. It’s the star of this Photo of the Week. Funny story. My pals and I were at AfroTech early one morning last month and in need of a pick-me-up, so we hopped into an Uber in search of breakfast treats. We literally circled the block and ended up at the tiniest coffee shop, Dynamo Donut & Coffee, at Little Marina Green. It was so small we even questioned if it was an actual business. Thankfully, it was. But, honestly, we could have walked there in three minutes. It took us longer to drive. Bless our driver’s heart for accepting the ride and not judging us. LOL. But it all was worth it because the cup of hot chocolate that I ordered — heavy on the chocolate — was everything and more. Plus, it was pretty to look at. Shout out to the barista for complying with my ridiculous request and kicking a plain ol’ cup of cocoa up several notches. Never mind the word “Dirty” lurking in the background.

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Photo of the Week No. 47: “Docked Boats in the Bay”

November 20, 2018

I call this Photo of the Week “Docked Boats in the Bay” because that’s basically what it is. LOL. I love this image because there’s so much to unpack. I kid you not, every time I look at this photo I discover a new detail that I hadn’t noticed before. The names on the boats. The San Francisco skyline in the background. The beautiful homes. The reflection of the scene in the water below. I can almost feel the crisp air and hear the birds chirping. It feels very much like a painting.

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Photo of the Week No. 46: “Haze in The City”

November 17, 2018

This Photo of the Week was taken last week when I was in that glorious city, San Francisco, for AfroTech. Generally speaking, the image captures a beautiful sight: the Golden Gate Bridge standing tall and commanding attention as she always does, the seagull gliding by, the choppy blue water and the rowers sailing in it. But the elephant in the room (photo) is the hazy sky. Unfortunately, it’s a by-product of the customary fall fog but also of the fires burning in the Bay Area. Air quality is extremely unhealthy. All around The City, I observed passersby wearing masks to protect themselves. This photo also evokes a tinge of sadness, knowing that it is a snapshot that documents the effects of the deadliest and most destructive fire in California history, the Camp Fire. Prayers up to those who have lost their lives and/or property, and the resilient firefighters working tirelessly to contain the blazes.

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Found Objects: Street Art from NorCal and SoCal

August 9, 2016

James Reka, I like your style. That’s the uber-talented Australian artist behind the first of three Found Objects in this mini Cali street art round-up. My bestie and I set off on foot for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art last month, and along the way, I became transfixed by the vibrant, giant peace sign beckoning me to have a moment of zen from on high. I’m a huge fan of the use of color and the minute details, such as what appears to be an eye on the thumb nail.

See the other pieces that I happened upon in SoCal after the jump!

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Fancy Things Friday

October 16, 2015

1. Nothing says party like pizza, so bring the shindig with you wherever you go by rocking these
Pizza Slut Earrings. I know that name for these fun ear-lobe adornments is kinda edgy, but what did you expect from the saucy gals over at Miss Wax Jewelry? (

2. Speaking of feisty femmes, Dimepiece Los Angeles always packs a punch with its accessories. Look no further than this Hustle Clutch, which reads, “The Dream Is Free The Hustle Is Sold Separately.” Y’all ain’t never lied. Speak on it. (

3. I haven’t perused the offerings from Banana Republic in a hot one, but I was pleasantly smitten with these Colorblock Drapey Pants in Neon Cobalt. It’s giving me a jogger meets Park Avenue vibe. I’m a fan of the bright hue set apart by the black trim. Even better than the color scheme is the price tag. Get these vibrant pants while they’re on sale. Yes, run, don’t walk! (

4. Hold it down for the Bay reppin’ Oakland! I’ve got mad love for the Bay Area, and not just because that’s where my bestie lives. And being that I’m a sucker for a good double entendre, I couldn’t help but admire this Bae Area Sweatshirt by Private Party. I’ll be seeing you real soon, my city by the bae! (

5. U2 was on to something when they wrote, “Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing.” I’m sure Bono was singing to his lover in that iconic tune, but I can break into song when I see this Sweetest Bow Faux Leather Skirt in Dark Green. Slay! (

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Out and About: The Exploratorium in San Francisco

July 15, 2014

Last week, I got a chance to run wild with my bestie, Yvette, at the Exploratorium at Pier 15 in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Every first Thursday of the month, the museum hosts its “After Dark” event, which invites adults inside for a night of frivolity, exploration and light drinking, if that’s your cup of tea. If you happen to find yourself in the Bay Area around the same time, run, don’t walk, to the Exploratorium.


This exhibit projected images of our moving bodies onto this huge screen. That’s me with my arm raised in the top picture.


Here I am waiting to see what this “Love Shack” was all about.


Vetty balances a peacock feather on her chin while holding a cold one in her hand. Now that’s what I call talent. Those discs and sticks were in high demand, so be sure to snatch one up if you go! Word to the wise.


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fliest duo of them all? A rhetorical question, ’cause obviously it’s us.

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Travel Log: The Bay Area, 3/15 – 3/17

March 18, 2013

A piece of my heart resides in the Bay Area. Her name is Yvette, and she’s the best friend a girl could ever ask for.


I really don’t need an excuse to visit the Bay (I love it that much), but this past weekend we celebrated Yvette’s birthday, and it was nonstop fun from the moment I got off the airplane. Here are a few snapshots from the journey.


“Off the Grid” at the Oakland Museum of California. Run, don’t walk. It’s a one-stop wonderland where hipsters, well-dressed toddlers and food truck connoisseurs convene to mingle, converse, eat, dance to live music and explore the exhibits. I couldn’t have asked for better company than Sierra and Yvette (SAY Love Crew).



Once inside the museum, we ran wild trying all the many interactive features the venue had to offer — my favorite being the “Foley” sound studio, where we provided the sound effects to black-and-white features from the 1940s using various props.








“Fun” doesn’t even begin to convey how much we enjoyed the museum.


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