Photo of the Week No. 8: “Shrieks Startle Sweet Cheeks”

February 19, 2018

You’re in for a treat in more ways than one for this Photo of the Week! My adorable niece Azalea turned 1 this past weekend, and we had a low-key family party at my mom’s house to celebrate the occasion. Of course, the birthday girl had her very own cake. And the moment we were all waiting for was when she dove head first into the sugary confection. When she lifted the cake with both hands and took a gargantuan bite, my siblings, parents and I all let out shrieks of delight and amazement that ended up spooking her. Fun times!

It was hard choosing just one photo from the party to share, but I especially love this image, which I call “Shrieks Startle Sweet Cheeks,” taken seconds after the aforementioned moment. Zae, with her big, beautiful brown eyes and kissable chubby cheeks, looks terrified and tired. One might even say frosted cake wasted! Also, the juxtaposition of the tiny crown and other regal flair against the mess of frosting all over her face, hands and clothes is just down-right hilarious. Alternate titles: “Let Her Eat Cake,” “Frosted Cake Wasted,” “Tastes Like Trouble,” “Never Too Much of a Good Thing,” “Having Her Cake and Eating It, Too.” It was Zae’s first time having cake, and I can’t wait to bear witness to countless other firsts that are ahead for her precious little life. Happy birthday, baby girl!

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