Photo of the Week No. 49: “Show Your True Colors”

December 8, 2018

I call this Photo of the Week “Show Your True Colors” because it makes me think of the importance of being yourself. You were meant to stand out, not blend in. This image was captured on a rooftop in New York a few months back. As I was looking through the photos from that particular trip, I was struck by this vibrant cluster of flowers shrouded in darkness. This picture is a poignant reminder to let your light shine, especially when surrounded by dark times. You may feel outnumbered or overpowered, but know that you matter, that you are noticed, and your presence makes an impact — just like these dainty little flowers. Alternate titles: “On the Bright Side,” “This Little Light of Mine,” and “Bright and Mighty.”

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ashley ♥ adores

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