Photo of the Week No. 43: “Home”

October 26, 2018

This Photo of the Week is dedicated to a place I once called “home.” This image is the address of my paternal grandparents’ house on the westside of Detroit. It’s a beautiful brick wonder full of character, warmth (Grandma has the heat cranked up to 80-something degrees at all times), love and memories. When I was about 6 years old, my Marine father was deployed to Saudi Arabia as part of Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War, and me and my little brother Robert went to live with my Grandma Clara and Granddad Freddie while he was overseas. When my dad returned safely, this would be our summer home every year when school was out. Last week I found myself back there for a much-needed visit with my dad. My grandparents are getting up there in years — Grandma is 84 and Granddad is 93 — and while their health isn’t what it once was, their spirit is stronger than ever. It did my heart well to go back home, even if for only a few days. (*Cues “Home” from “The Wiz.”)

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