Photo of the Week No. 37: Bouquet of Brushes

September 12, 2018

I could stare at this bouquet of brushes for hours. This Photo of the Week showcases the simple, effortless beauty of a jar of paintbrushes. For some reason, the brushes as a metaphor for people came to mind. Think about it. They’re all intertwined, each unique but experiencing this shared circumstance. The paintbrushes have varying degrees of wear and tear, and exude their own style. Which one are you? Maybe you’re the thin blue brush that’s just over it. Maybe you’re the exact opposite: The skinny white brush — poised, unblemished and ready for action. Or maybe you’re more of the strong, silent type like the brown brush directly behind it. Or the one completely out of place, on the table top. I think I identify with the wild-bristled little brush with the slightest flecks of white paint. It’s been through a lot. Its bristles are unruly but it’s standing tall. It still has work to do. Still has some fight in it. Here’s to seeing the extraordinary in the smallest, ordinary things.

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