Photo of the Week No. 35: Bestie Behavior

August 29, 2018

My bestie Yvette paid me a visit this past weekend, and it did my heart good to spend some quality time with her. This Photo of the Week stars her and my guy bestie Ronilo (well, his arm doing the absolute most). If you know them, you know that this image captures their essence: Yvette working her angles with subtle fierceness and Ronilo being more extra than guacamole at Chipotle with the finger pointing. He got that tattoo for Coachella, by the way. Hahaha. This image is hilarious to me because you don’t even see his face but you know it’s Ronilo. In any event, I’m such a lucky gal to have these two, who I’ve known since the fifth grade, in my life. Alternate titles: “Est. 1995,” “Dos Amigos, Dos Muchos,” “Besties Doing What They Do Best,” “Double Trouble,” and “Twice as Nice.”

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