Photo of the Week No. 29: “Belding’s Office”

July 18, 2018

Guys, I finally got to step inside Mr. Belding’s office! This Photo of the Week is a snapshot from my visit to Saved by the Max, the “Saved by the Bell” theme restaurant in West Hollywood. It’s been booked for months, so my guy and I were lucky to get in when a friend had a pair of extra tickets. As a kid watching the ’90s teen sitcom, I always dreamed about going on a date with Zack Morris at the Max (and sharing a milkshake while listening to “our song,” A12 in the jukebox — too detailed?), cheering on Bayside (and Slater) at a wrestling match, chatting by the lockers with my girl Lisa Turtle, and even being called in to the principal’s (Belding’s) office (for a good reason, obvi). On Sunday, we had the chance to dine and run wild in the restaurant, and, trust, I took photos of all the memorabilia. Having a separate room set up like Mr. Belding’s office was a nice touch. Super nostalgic! Of course, the wood-paneled room had a desk with a name plate and a framed photo of everyone’s favorite princi-pal, among other trinkets. Run, don’t walk, to Saved by the Max, and let me know what you think!

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