Photo of the Week No. 5: “Birthday Boy”

January 29, 2018

I can’t believe that my geriatric guy, Berkeley Buster DeVoe, turned 12 years old last week. The birthday boy is my pride and joy, and makes my life so much more rich. He’s my protector, cuddle bunny, smile bringer, mischief maker, cover thief, handsome hound and precious fur baby. The Berkster recently had surgery on his neck to remove a lump, which thankfully wasn’t cancerous. While he heals, he’s been in a donut (a gentler alternative to the cone of shame) to prevent him from scratching his stitches. This photo was captured moments after I took the donut off to let his wounds breathe and treated him to some Beggin’ Strips, one of his all-time favorite snacks. Berkeley may be getting up there in age, but he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Feast your eyes on “Birthday Boy,” my fifth Photo of the Week, depicting Berkeley lounging in his bed with his party favors at the ready.

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Out and About: Museum of Ice Cream

January 25, 2018

I scream. You scream … We all scream for ice cream, amirite?! That’s why the Museum of Ice Cream is so popular. My guy and I went on a date night there last month, and it was so much fun! Click through the slideshow for a glimpse inside.

From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with sweet treats and merriment. The entire museum is one big photo opp, as I’m sure you’ve discovered via Instagram posts and Snapchat Stories. Each room featured a different installation that was full of whimsy and surprise. My favorite room was the one with the ginormous gummy bears. There were jams playing, lighting that changed by the minute, disco balls hanging from the ceiling and, most importantly, a vat full of gummy bears that you could nibble on while there. Heck, I’d rent that space out for a birthday party if I could. But I also was a fan of the swings by the banana room, the huge popsicles melting down the walls and the enormous ice cream sandwich that doubled as a swing. I did not, however, dive into the pool full of sprinkles. The museum boasts designing close to 100 million of those tiny, plastic suckers. I know they’re fake and antimicrobial, but the thought of people’s toe jam and whatnot being interspersed among the sprinkles made my stomach turn. Also, those sprinkles get in allllll of the crevices. I went to the restroom and there were hella sprinkles on the floor. Yikes!

The museum also gets two thumbs up from the caliber of desserts we got to enjoy during our visit. We sampled Godiva chocolate, ice cream sammiches, mint chocolate chip mochi, soft-serve strawberry ice cream on a cone and more. Unfortunately, the Downtown Los Angeles location has closed until further notice as it relocates. However, the San Francisco and Miami museums are thriving. One of the clerks at the LA gift shop said there were different limited-edition pins for each location, so I’m tempted to visit the other sites. Have you been to any of the Museums of Ice Cream? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments section below.

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Wednesday Word

January 24, 2018

This Wednesday Word No. 100, spotted on Mess in a Bottle’s Instagram, is low key my mantra during this season, as I embark on my own “Year of Yes.”

First of all, this very feature represents something that I stepped out on back in February 2015. I had long wanted to include words of wisdom and encouragement on this blog on a more regular cadence, and “Wednesday Word” was the vehicle that I created for that purpose, after months of wondering in my mind how people would receive it or if it even made sense for my brand. Well, guess what: I’m all about encouraging and bringing joy to others, so I shouldn’t have even questioned if it was a fit for Ashley Adores. Plus, I make the rules here. LOL. I didn’t need approval from anyone to begin with. And here we are, 100 Wednesday Words in!

You’d be surprised how opportunities to live out your dreams and accomplish your goals come seemingly out of nowhere when your mindset shifts from “I should do X” or “It would be cool if Y happened,” to “I’m actually going to do Z and when I do, it will feel amazing.” God is up to something, for sure. For example, one of my goals for 2018 is to get a better grasp on my finances and knock down my debt. Then lo and behold, my church announced that it is offering a financial literacy course starting next month. Boom! A chance to really cross that item off my list.

What have you prolonged? What dream have you deferred? Sometimes a shift in mindset is all you need to accomplish your goals. So, no more shoulda, woulda, coulda. We’re making moves ’round here. To remix queen of the glow-up, Cardi B: I don’t slack now; I make power moves.© Now that’s a dope T-shirt in the making … You heard it here first!

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Photo of the Week No. 4: “Pit Bull in the Park”

January 22, 2018

This past Saturday, I hung out at the park with my guy and his dog, Jacc, the regal pit bull featured in this Photo of the Week. Our outing at the park was threefold: Let Jacc run amok and get some exercise, spend some quality time with him and Dash, and take some photos along the way. Say what you want about pit bulls, but Jacc is as obedient and loving as they come. He even lets me cradle him in my arms like a baby — all 60 pounds of him! He’s a beautiful boy, with his big brown eyes, floppy ears and dreamy grey coat. It’s no wonder why Jacc’s so photogenic. Stay tuned for more images of him in this feature, obvi. I call this one, my fourth Photo of the Week, “Pit Bull in the Park.”

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Fancy Things Friday

January 19, 2018

This Fancy Things Friday is all about embracing the cooler temperatures with a little bit of color. In oher words it’s sweater weather with a burst of flair:

1. I love a good play on words, so this LITerature Sweater made my heart smile. I’ve been doing some more writing these days, and I’ve been making my way through some fantastic audiobooks on my commute to and from work, so I guess you could say that I, too, put the “lit” in “literature.” (

2. With its pretty pearls and radiant ruffles, this Pearl Beading Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Jumper will definitely help you step your sweater game up. This gem also comes in Pink, Black, Green, Burgundy and White, but will turn heads in whichever hue you choose. (

3. And speaking of making a statement, this grand Gold Feather Statement Necklace is giving me warrior princess meets buttoned-up beauty. Also, had no clue that World Market had such fanciful necklaces. Mind blown! (

4. Who says denim can only come in shades of blue? I, for one, subscribe to Zara’s belief in color. This dazzling Coloured Denim Jacket in yellow will definitely keep the winter blues away. The distressing and rips throughout add an element of badassery and boldness. And guess who’s here for it! (

5. I wore my black-and-white oxfords so much that they’re in pretty bad shape, which is a shame because I really loved them. They went with everything! Thankfully, these sprightly Derby Tweed/Black Shoes are a(

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DIY Time: 2018 Desk Calendar

January 16, 2018

Am I the only one who gets jazzed about a crisp new calendar at the start of a new year? Well, I squealed with delight when I saw that my job was hosting a craft night where we’d be making our very own 2018 desk calendars, with help from the kind folks over at Paper Source. Stamps, quotes, embossing, washi tape in all its varied patterns, colors and textures — the world was my oyster while putting together my mini 12-month calendar. I got my entire life, to say the least. I tried to stick with a theme, but somewhere along the way I said, “Bump it.” Click through the slideshow to see my calendar, a month at a glance.

I figured I’d start January with a bright and hopeful tone, hence the “Dream Big” embossing and matching gold chevron-patterned washi tape. Hearts, of course, are the focus of February. March is springy, so I chose two varieties of flowers and accented the month with a sparkly silver triangle of washi tape. April is when Record Store Day, a tradition for me and my guy, happens. I decorated that month with an off-centered vinyl record and a quote about adventure, which is always what follows on that special day. May pays homage to the month when Dash and I met in 2013. Our first date soon followed at CicLAvia in Downtown LA, where we rode bikes and spent the day learning about each other, and laughing lots along the way. Halfway through the year, I thought I might be in need of some inspiration, so I went with a quote from C.S. Lewis about dreaming for June. If you remember, January starts with a little bit of gold and an encouraging word, so I thought it would be a good call-back for June. July — which is by far my favorite month of the year, thanks to my and many loved ones’ (my anchors) birthdays happening then and being smack dab in the middle of my favorite season (summer!) — is sailing smoothly with a gold and blue embossed sea moment. August is when I hope to do some traveling abroad with my bestie Yvette, so the international city-themed washi tape carries the messaging there. September is just a reminder of how awesome I am, and I’ll need a reason to smile now that summer will have officially ended. By October, I totes phoned it in. LOL. It’s a little disheveled, but the gargantuan orange pumpkin is endearing — some might even say cute. But I pick things up in November with a dual-layered washi tape accent and uplifting quote, and finish strong with a silver-lined snowflake fantasy for December.

And there you have it! Twelve months of fun and whimsy to get me through 2018.

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Photo of the Week No. 3: “Azalea, Commander of Cute”

January 15, 2018

My cute little 11-month-old niece, Azalea, is the star of my third Photo of the Week. And there’s plenty more where that came from because she is the most adorable little human I’ve ever laid eyes on. This image was captured the day before Christmas, as my siblings, Zae and I were hanging out in the loft area at my mom’s house in Menifee. Zae is completely enamored by cell phones, and she being the sticky-finger bandit that she is snatched my sister Ayesha‘s unattended phone, which looks like a vintage camera. This was literally a Kodak moment in the making. I was snapping away, flash and all, when she looked up at me as if to say, “Can you cool it with the photos, auntie?!” And that’s the image that I now call “Azalea, Commander of Cute.”

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Travel Log: Montréal, Canada 

January 11, 2018

This Travel Log also doubles as a Throwback Thursday, as this epic girls trip to Montréal, Canada, took trip place last August. Click through the slideshow for a glimpse at some of the highlights.

Me and my boos — Yvette, Sierra and Andrea — wanted to get some travel in together. But where to? Savannah? Santa Fe? Boulder? Suddenly, Canada looked pretty good since we could go international without going too far for our weekender. As a kid, I took a day trip from Detroit to Toronto with my brother Robert and my aunt Betty, but I had been wanting to give Canada a real go. I’m so glad we settled on Montréal. And thus began a new tradition for our crew.

Sierra and I arrived within an hour or so of each other on Friday, Aug. 25, so we met up at the airport and Ubered to our Airbnb, which was located in Old Montréal and not too far from downtown. Yvette was next to arrive, and the three of us wandered to find a brunch spot. Immediately, I was charmed by the architecture and foliage everywhere. It felt like we were in France. Oui oui! We soon met up with Andrea, who arrived a few hours later, and set out to have a proper lunch. I was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating the locals were by offering double-sided menus in French and English because I tried Duolingo and my French accent is especially atrocious. We wandered a few blocks away from the square where we brunched and were enchanted by a quaint restaurant that had corks on display. I had a delicious steak and fries and the girls feasted on clams, and all enjoyed a bottle of red wine over lunch. I could get used to this cosmopolitan-ladies-who-lunch life. The rest of the evening consisted of a fancy dinner at L’Original. The smothered pork chop and spaghetti was everything. On the way to find a bar for a night cap, we encountered a movie playing on the side of one of the buildings. It turns out it was part of an art installation for Montréal’s 375th anniversary celebration. We ended the night at Saint Pierre, a newly opened bar run by a black woman (aaoooww!) and playing dope music. I had a refreshing drink called “Respect Your Elders,” which included elderberries. Who would have thunk?

The next day, we got an early start and went on a dining walking tour that left from the steps of the Notre-Dame Basilica, which we would find out was Celine Dion’s church. It was there where she got married and had the funeral for her husband. The tour guide pointed out important landmarks and gave us tons of historical anecdotes (Did you know that Montréal was named after its proximity to Mount Royal?), plus we got to try some great traditional bites along the way. Delicious custard-filled tarts, duck and pork patés, macarons and a smoked meat sandwich made the tour well worth it. The awkward mix of outlandish characters on the tour was memorable, and also a point of contention as we wanted to slap one of the ladies for making a borderline racist comment about an interracial couple. Folks be wildin’. Of course, we ate again shortly after the tour, but this time we felt better equipped to pick a place and had a good lay of the land. I tried my first poutine (Fun fact: It’s really pronounced “poo-ten” — far less fun to say than “poo-teen” in an aggressive Southern accent, which is how I still choose to pronounce it) and a tasty flight of local beers. We went back to the Airbnb to rest from all the walking we had done. That evening, we took a short Uber drive to a fun restaurant, where we ordered a number of dishes to share and proceeded to do shots like college girls on spring break. Hahaha. We still got it!

On our last full day in town, we had a lovely brunch after being lured in to a swanky hotel restaurant with the promise of a free mimosa. I mean, why not? We went to see the rainbow balloons lining the LGBT neighborhood and stocked up on last-minute souvenirs. Those Coffee Crisps — imagine a coffee-flavored Kit Kat candy bar — that we discovered at the grocery store were smackin’, and I left with several to bring home. We finished the night at a cute little tiki bar called Le Mal Nécessaire, which translates to The Necessary Evil, where we drank some potent punches and lamented the early morning flights we had back home.

Montréal, you beautiful beast. Thanks for your hospitality and the adventures I had with my girls. I could definitely see myself living here if I had to live in a foreign city. Either way, I will be back.

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Wednesday Word

January 8, 2018

This Wednesday Word No. 99, spotted on Pinterest, is dedicated to those who want to live life without regret. It’s better to make a mistake than it is to sit idly by and wonder what could have been. With the start of a new year comes an influx of hopes and aspirations of ways to improve various areas of your life. And of course, there comes the cynicism of those who feel like the new year is simply a changing date on a calendar. But I personally am harnessing the newness as a real opportunity to start over and go after the things that I’ve pushed aside. I want to be that person who learned a bunch from their failures, instead of that person who looks back over their life in their 80s and wishes they had taken the risk or did the thing they always wanted to do. This year, I’m going to do things that scare me and push me out of my comfort zone. I’m currently listing to Shonda Rimes’ “Year of Yes” (seriously, do yourself a favor and head to Audible right now — well, after you finish reading this post — and get it!) and it’s giving me all kinds of life. And it’s giving me all kinds of ideas about what I could say “yes” to, and I’m excited about what I’ll learn about myself along the way. For starters, I’m taking a series of public speaking courses offered through my job. Like many introverts, I’m terrified of public speaking. “I’m a writer, not a talker,” I tell myself to make sense of this phobia. But who knows what this newfound courage will bring about? I can’t wait to see. I’ll fill you in!

What is it that you’re making a commitment to pursue? Let me know in the comments below.

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Photo of the Week No. 2: “Serving Face All Summer”

January 8, 2018

It’s time for another Photo of the Week, friends! For my second installment of 2018, I’m featuring my beautiful sister Ayesha. I call this one “Serving Face All Summer,” because that’s exactly what she did. This photo was taken at my job’s summer party at the world-famous Santa Monica Pier, which is all about fun in the sun. Amid all the day’s revelry, I captured my sister in one of her infamous “face-times.” To the naked eye, it may look unrehearsed but Esha is no stranger to working her angles. I’m quite proud of myself for catching those cheekbones hitting the light just right.

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