Out and About: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

July 22, 2014

I can never pass up the chance to run wild in my hometown, sunny San Diego, California. I had the opportunity to do so last week when my family visited the Safari Park, which was a first for me. I liked it better than the world-famous San Diego Zoo (blasphemous, I know) because it was closer to my home and had all the animals I love.


This loony look of sheer delight didn’t leave my face while we were there.

See more excitement after the jump!


The tigers were up and at ’em when we visited. Check out this beauty.


Little Jordan gets a closer look at this fierce feline.


The giraffes feasted on leaves in the calm of the afternoon.


So much pink from this flock of flamingos.


The baby gorilla on his mom’s back stole the show.


The whole family loaded into the Africa Tram for a guided tour of the animals in their “natural” habitats. That’s my sister-in-law, Stephanie, and brother Karim taking in the sights.


Drink in the scenic views.


Oh, a lion decided to take a cat nap on the hood of this safari jeep. No biggie.


My favorite part of the park was the “Frequent Flyers” bird show. I got to see this little guy and an array of avian species flying close by. Later on, I was selected to participate in the part of the show where the park’s yellow-billed hornbill, aptly named Trouble, walks across the arms of audience members, demonstrating how the species hops from tree branches in the wild.


Moments after a falcon swooped down in front of us, landing on the perch to our right. It was exhilarating!


I love my nieces and nephew! Aaliyah, Allison and Jordan — the three amigos.


My sister, Ayesha, with my littlest nice, Abigail. So precious.


Watch out now. I’m a leaping lemur! (I couldn’t resist.) Until next time, Safari Park.

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