Out and About: Broccoli City Festival

May 6, 2014

If last Saturday was any indication of the summer fun that lies ahead, I need to brace myself for a wild one! My gals from the Bay Area came down for the Broccoli City Festival, where the now grown-and-sexy (and newly liberated from her crazy record contract) JoJo was headlining. Overall, we had a great, low-key time.


But first a full-body shot. A crop top, breezy high-low skirt and sandals were in order to brave the 90-degree scorcher.


Me and the bestie boo.


Adventure ahead.


I was pleasantly surprised that the L.A. Mart venue was code word for the parking lot that houses the ginormous, landmark chair seen from Broadway in Downtown L.A.


The good folks at Scratch DJ Academy were on hand, helping attendees make free vinyl spin art.



My record art turned out beautifully. Don’t you agree?


I see you shinin’, little fella.


It wouldn’t have been the same without my roll dawg, Zita! #matchingoutfits #twinning

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