Out and About: Animal Style in Pacific Palisades

September 8, 2014


My guy and I had a wild time — literally and figuratively — yesterday at his company’s family and friends day at a property in Pacific Palisades, Calif. We were treated to a Tommy’s food truck, a magic show and other excitements, but the petting zoo was the highlight for me, by far.


How could your heart not melt for these sweet faces?


But don’t let that fool you. This horned fella was rambunctious and later head-butted an unassuming sheep for no reason at all. Totes McGotes out of control!

See more of my shenanigans after the jump!


There were also chickens, ducks, a miniature pig, rabbits and sheep, making for a pretty legit petting zoo.


Look! It’s a tiny pig. It was my first time holding one, and it was surprisingly cuddly.


This was our view for the afternoon. The lake had plenty of fish and I noticed a turtle, too.


Dash and I have a blast wherever we go, so you know we had a few laughs in the photo booth.


See how we coordinated with the purple glasses and pocket square?


Oh, I totally forgot to mention that there was a Capt. Jack Sparrow impersonator at the party. Good doppelgänger, if you squint your eyes and glance really quickly. And please don’t mind Dash’s “thug life” style of bandanna. He was living in the moment.

Photographer: Dash

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