Out and About: Ace Hotel Downtown L.A. Staycation

July 13, 2015

Rewind to last October when I won a staycation at the Ace Hotel Downtown L.A. after dancing for my life at 826LA’s Dance-a-thon and being crowned Best Dancer. Welp, fast forward to this past Friday when I finally cashed that bad boy in to keep my birthday week in full swing. Guys, it was AMAZING! To commemorate the occasion, this slideshow has 31 snapshots for my 31st birthday. So many things to let you know about, so I’ll just take it from the top.

Dash and I made it downtown at about 2 p.m. and had some time to kill before our check-in at the Ace Hotel, so we set out in search of a late lunch. As luck would have it, Grand Central Market was within a block of the lot where we parked. Boom! That meant I could finally try out Eggslut. The name is kinda out there, but the food is simply divine. And it gets bonus points because there was no line! We feasted on their famous cheeseburger, which has (you guessed it!) an egg in it. A sunny-side-up sucker, to be exact. I wondered, will it be messy? Will all the flavors be balanced? Will this change my life? The answer to all these questions: yes, Yes, and YAAASS! Seriously, it was the jam. Can’t wait to visit the Market again and see what other treats await. After our quick bite, we hit up Bar 107 for a little sippy sippy and then made our way to the Ace.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the most stylish, friendly front desk agents, who made check in a breeze. We opted for the king bed on the 11th floor, as opposed to the queen on the 13th, because obvi. The room was legit!

I loved the aesthetic of the space with its exposed cement ceiling, paneling, gold fixtures and other quaint touches here and there. It’s located in the historic United Artists building, and has some great architectural bones, as well. We appreciated how it didn’t feel like we were in a sterile, run-of-the-mill hotel room, but a place where we would realistically dwell. I was a huge fan of the Rudy’s body wash, which, truth be told, I wish I brought an empty bottle to take some for future use. I also resisted the urge to take home the cozy hooded bathrobes, which were made specifically for the Ace by wings + horns. With a Snickers candy bar listed at $3.50, I dare not ask how much we would have been charged for it. The view from the room was facing a construction site, but the stately archways on the exterior windows made up for the minor unsightliness.

Thankfully, I got to see that city lights view I was craving when we went to the rooftop bar Upstairs, where Stones Throw was spinning for the hotel’s first installment of its Drip Creator Sessions. Great tunes but the crowd was too cool for school, so after a while Dash and I went up the street to Broadway Bar for a quick second, and then stopped by the Taco Mexico stand next door to the Ace for some delicious tacos. With our bellies full and a warm bed inviting us to make ourselves at home, we called it a night and woke up early, for I had a busy day of thrift crawling ahead of me.

Stay tuned for where this story picks up in this week’s Thrifted Thursday post!

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