Natural Hair Journey: Turban How-To

July 2, 2013

Thanks to all the compliments I received on my Turban Tuesday, Part Deux post, and by popular demand, I present to you my Turban How-To. Here is a step-by-step guide to achieving the fun, sassy look.

Start off with an over-sized scarf. The one used for this turban is rectangular-shaped and measures 70 inches by 42 inches. Fold it in half long ways.


1. Take the scarf and, holding one end in each hand, drape it at the back of your head.


2. Bring your hands together such that you’re holding both ends at your forehead.


3. With one hand, grab both ends of the scarf firmly as if you’re going to tie a ponytail.


4. Begin twisting the ends counterclockwise, making sure it’s tight on your head. Be sure to start at the base of your head and then twist down the length of the scarf.


5. When the twisted end is about 6 inches or so long, begin to coil it in a bun tightly at the front of your head.


6. From there, use that bun as the anchor from which to continue to twist and wrap the remaining ends of the scarf.


7. Make sure you wrap the ends around that little bun. This provides stability.


8. Holding the knot steady at the top of your head also makes the twisting process more smooth.


9. When you reach the end, tuck it and any other loose ends into one of the layers of the bun you’ve created to disguise it. If that doesn’t work, secure it with a thin rubber band. The layers of the fabric should make the hair tie invisible.


10. Ta-da! You’ve got yourself a nice little turban — the ultimate hair accessory.

NOTE: When wearing a turban, my hair is usually in twists or braids and covered with a silk bonnet, in order to protect my strands from the fabric. Here, the turban may appear slightly bulky on the sides because my hair is just in a twist out underneath for demonstration purposes.

Special thanks to my little darling, Chinarain, for snapping these photos for me.

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