Natural Hair Journey: Bootleg Bedtime Routine

September 3, 2013



Rocking a twist-out usually means re-twisting my strands before going to bed. It’s a time-consuming process but a necessary one if I want to look presentable in the morning. Other methods like pineapple-ing do nothing for me (my hair doesn’t fall down after releasing the scarf). However, I think I found a faster way of keeping my twist-out intact that doesn’t require re-twisting.

After coming home late from a recent night out, the last thing on my mind was spending a good 20 minutes re-twisting my hair. So I grabbed six of these clips, pulled them tightly around the ends of my hair so that they were stretched taught, wrapped my satin scarf and called it a night. Though the hard clips felt a little awkward to sleep on, I’m happy to report that this bootleg routine worked!

I just had to fluff it out a bit in the morning, but I was ready to start my day in a matter of minutes. I will definitely use this bedtime routine again when I’m in a time crunch. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you?

What does your bedtime routine entail?

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