Hanging It Up: Saying Goodbye to Some of My Favorite Pieces

February 1, 2016

As you know, I’m an avid thrifter, which means that my closet is constantly expanding. Plus, I never throw anything away because why? Surely it’ll be back in style again and/or it’s a timeless classic that has no expiration date. I love all my pieces, but things were getting out of hand. I mean, clothes were everywhere in my room, bringing clutter to a space that should be serene and clean. So something had to give. I knew what I needed to do but it took my bestie stopping short of throwing all my clothes into garbage bags for me to finally start purging my closet. Even still it’s hard to process. This past weekend I donated several pieces to my local Salvation Army. Because parting is such sweet sorrow, I had to pause to remember some of my favorite items that I had to let go. See what they are after the jump!

1. Black Top With Bow Details on the Back

I got this cute top at one of those super budget “Fashion 4 Less” types of stores. No shade at all, ’cause I love me a discount. The bows on the back were what did it for me. It totally reminded me of a shirt I had back in the day that made my feel sassy and free as a kid. I’d normally wear this top with a pair of colored jeans, but I took it up several notches for my birthday a few years ago and wore it with a vibrant tutu that I fashioned. See that look here.

2. Frumpy Flannel

Flannels are just all around great pieces. You can layer them. You can wear them around the house. On a cold night, you can sleep in them. I found this guy at a thrift store in the Bay Area for a buck. I mean, it was practically begging me to take it home. This shirt was a lovely layered companion to my thrifted “Sweet Cooking” sweater, which got rave reviews.

3. Navy Blazer With Gold Buttons

This one dates back all the way to 2005 when I was still in college. I’m a sucker for a gold accent, so the buttons basically presented an offer I could not refuse. This tiny blazer definitely came from the boys’ section of a thrift shop in Ventura. I was going for a business casual frock and I think I succeeded. Pairing this one with my gold sequined Old Navy flats, which made an appearance in this Outfit of the Day, kept the look youthful. To sweeten the deal and provide more shape, I brought in the sides and pinned it in the back with a golden brooch.

4. Grey Dress With Bow Accent

Wet Seal used to be my jam! I know I’m not the only one. You couldn’t tell me nothing when I had this dress on. My go-to ensemble for this piece was black leggings, black cowboy boots (see outfit link in the first item) and a black cropped moto jacket. I know, I know. It sounds all over the place. It was a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, if you will. This was another one from my college days, so, unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of me wearing it, but trust — it was a winner!

It’s hard to say goodbye to these gems, some of which I had for a decade or more. At least I know they’ll make someone very happy! Sigh … The blessing and curse of being a thrift-a-holic in love with clothes.

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