Found Objects: Street Art in Santa Monica and DTLA

October 22, 2015


Whether abstract, with a clear message or showcasing a familiar face, these pieces of street art gave me life. Each of them is dope in their own unique way. Take a closer look at these gems I happened upon: street art in Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles after the jump!


This piece was created by Luca Zamoc of the Beautify Earth collective, which is responsible for some of the most amazing murals I’ve discovered in Los Angeles. These stately lime green equines just demand attention.


And just down the block from the previous mural, I found this colorful phenom — another beaut from Beautify Earth by Noah, Crade, Sel and Bank, according to the inscription. It reads, “Life is full of wonderment.” Why, yes. Yes, it is. Kinda like when you’re making a run to the local print shop and become enchanted by a stunning piece of art greeting you.


“Adventure Time/C’mon, grab your friends/We’ll go to very distant Lands/With Jake the Dog, and Finn the Human/The fun will never end/It’s Adventure Time!” If you recognize these faces or these lyrics, then you’re the bee’s knees. This painted utility box depicts Finn reppin’ L.A. the best way he knows how and the Ice King from “Adventure Time” — one of my favorite cartoons at the moment. I didn’t have time to cross the street and see the back side of this hidden treasure, but it’d be even radder than it already is if it features Jake. That guy!

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