Found Objects: Street Art in Long Beach and Venice

June 20, 2017

These Found Objects are little jewels — very distinct pieces of street art — that I discovered while strolling through Long Beach, where I live, and Venice, where I work. The first piece is a burst of color by artist T. Schubert spotted in a Venice Beach alleyway. It wasn’t far from the second piece, which to me is a bird in chaos, its wings creating a frenzied flurry of lines and colors. Meanwhile in Long Beach, a couple of artists seized the opportunity to create something magical from a pile of rubble around the abandoned World of Books building in the downtown area. This one is especially dear to me because I casually observed it come to life over a couple days, as I waited at the light where the piece was being created on my morning commute. Harold and Herman are the names I’ve given these hardworking monsters that command attention at the corner of Third Street and Long Beach Boulevard. I happened upon the remaining two pieces while walking my dog. I could see them peeking through the alleyways. When I stopped to take a closer look, I was greeted by these elaborate shapes, patterns and hues. It’s amazing the objects you find while getting out in your neighborhood.

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