Found Objects: Street Art in DTLA, Mar Vista and Hollywood

March 3, 2015


This is a collection of the street art I’ve happened upon while out and about throughout the City of Angels. From Downtown L.A. to Mar Vista, to Hollywood, these pieces beckon to be seen as unusual among the usual. In each of these instances, what I discovered caused me to take pause and appreciate the view.

See more of these murals, up close and personal, after the jump!

street art-dtla

Imagine hustling and bustling down a busy downtown street, trying to make a brunch appointment on time, when all of a sudden you feel eyes on you. These big, brazen eyes stopped me in my tracks one rainy December morning. This comic-book style is a familiar aesthetic but one that I don’t see too often emblazoned on walls.

street art-mv

This mural very well could be an album cover for an indie rock band. Maybe the two women are sisters. Maybe they’re two versions of the same person. Maybe they’re a symbol of the two-headed bird skeleton above. Who knows? Either way, it’s intriguing.

street art-mv1

How glorious do these big little birds appear? This photo provides just a smidge of the detail found in this piece, which, incidentally, was use to cover up some construction on Venice Boulevard. But when viewed live and in the flesh, these creatures come to life. It’s as if at a moment they could fly off the wooden slabs and into the wild. A tip of the hat to the artists at Chalk.


I was minding my business, when out from the corner of my eye I saw a rainbow of colors. Then it registered that the black-and-white beauty was none other than Audrey Hepburn. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other” is a quote attributed to the late actress and humanitarian. And you know what? That Audrey was on to something, when you really stop and think about her words.

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