Found Objects: Street Art from NorCal and SoCal

August 9, 2016

James Reka, I like your style. That’s the uber-talented Australian artist behind the first of three Found Objects in this mini Cali street art round-up. My bestie and I set off on foot for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art last month, and along the way, I became transfixed by the vibrant, giant peace sign beckoning me to have a moment of zen from on high. I’m a huge fan of the use of color and the minute details, such as what appears to be an eye on the thumb nail.

See the other pieces that I happened upon in SoCal after the jump!

I happened upon this piece around my job in Santa Monica. It immediately gave me pause. What does it all mean? Was the person behind this statement smack dab in the middle of an existential crisis, or is it just a ploy to garner attention? Inquiring minds want to know. I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure it out. I’m opening to hearing your theories in the comments section below.

This piece right here was captured in my city, that lovely town called Long Beach, right across from the Fingerprints record and book shop. Hang on to your seat! Looking at this mural too long will make you feel like you’re defying gravity and floating along with all the furniture.

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