Found Objects: Stained Glass in Alexandria, Virginia 

June 9, 2016

No doubt, seeing something that you haven’t seen in a while brings back a sudden flood of memories and an appreciation — a nostalgia even — for that said “something.” The last time that phenomenon occurred was a couple weekends ago, when I was in Alexandria, Virginia, for my friend Andrea’s wedding. This Found Objects post is dedicated to the magical, stunning stained glass I happened upon in St. Louis Catholic Church, where she was to get married. As somewhat of a church girl growing up, seeing stained glass has always made me feel a fondness and familiarity. It reminds me of pews and pews of people gathered around the message of Christ, and the times me and my brother went to Sunday school on Sunday mornings in Detroit during the summer with Miss Freda, and how my granddad Freddy would always take us to get donuts from the shop up the street afterward. It reminds me of Easter speeches and church clothes, especially the shiny, black patent-leather Mary Janes with the white, frilly socks, and the flouncy pink dresses that danced with every step I took. It reminds me of choirs and ushers and preachers and shouting and praising. It reminds me of home.

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