Found Objects: Subtle Signs of Fall

October 23, 2014


OK, OK. So autumn doesn’t really exist in California. However, these found objects made me think twice for a quick second. See more subtle signs of fall after the jump!


A tell-tale sign of fall in the SoCal is temperatures dipping into the mid- to low-70s. Yes, gone are the 100-degree days. In fact, if it’s not 80 degrees out, it may as well be winter to me. Plain and simple. Now that it’s cardigan weather — which I know sounds completely absurd to someone reading this from the East Coast — it’s safe to say that autumn is upon us.

Yesterday, I noticed this fallen pinecone amongst the gravel, and it gave me pause. Well, that and a pair of well-fed squirrels scurrying across the pathway a couple feet away from me and up a tree. (Eeek!)


Then there are these pretty leaves that I can see changing color each morning when I walk my dog. I secretly wish the neighbors don’t rake them up so I get to take in their beauty up close.


And if I’m lucky, I’ll hear an ever-so-delicate crunch underneath my feet when the leaves are littering the sidewalk. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who appreciates a nice-sounding crunch!


This majestic tree with leaves of deep green and brownish-red hues too showed me that fall is making itself seen. You just have to stop and observe to catch a glimpse. Summer still is and always be my favorite, but I may as well cozy up to autumn now that she’s here to stay.

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