Found Objects: Restaurant Murals at La Frida, Long Beach 

April 21, 2016

Call me weird, but great visuals in a restaurant always enhance my dining experience. Like, it makes me enjoy my food all the more. I was recently out at a spot in San Diego where the bathroom was so nice, I wanted to stay a little longer to take it all in and, well, take photos. This Found Objects, taken at La Frida Mexican Grill, captures one of those moments, and highlights renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. See more of the stunning murals after the jump.

This mural adorns the side wall of the restaurant and is definitely a conversation-starter. Our girl, Frida, is depicted here as a calaca with two monkey companions. The colors are vivid and the subject matter enticing.

Translation: “My painting carries with it the message of pain.” Real talk, Frida experienced some crazy rough times (a volatile marriage with the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera, serious injuries caused by a freak bus accident, etc.), which she depicted through her painfully honest artwork. It’s always nice to get more than you bargained for at a restaurant. Yes, I was there for the tacos, but I was also treated to amazing art and a mini history lesson.

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