Found Objects: Murals on the West Side

February 18, 2016

Nothing brightens my day quite like seeing a beautiful piece of art smack dab in the middle of everyday life. I recently came across some amazing murals on the West Side that made me feel sone type of way. First up, this striking black and orange piece. I call it “Eye of the Tiger,” but I’m pretty sure the artist came up with something way better. I can almost feel the big fella breathing on me. And check out the intricacies of the background that frames the tiger. Stunning!

Keep reading after the jump to see what my eyes spied in passing through Santa Monica and Culver City.


I have no idea what this one’s about. I see it on the regs when I’m driving past National and Washington in Culver City and it always catches my eye. There’s no getting around it — it’s so big against the wall (I think it’s on the back side of a school building). The little girl’s colorful sunflower dress is a stark contrast to the tribal print-covered man in the background. If anyone has any ideas on the meaning of this enigmatic piece, let a sister know in the comments section below.

Isn’t she lovely? What a beaut. This mural conjures up feelings of pain but a certain strength to endure whatever she’s facing. I can relate.

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