Found Objects: Luggage Tags

September 22, 2015

I was walking to my office when I happened upon these two nondescript scraps of paper strewn across the dusty concrete. When I took a closer look, I discovered that these were something entirely different: luggage tags. And I was dying to know the backstory.

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Funny how a found object, can set your mind off on a wild journey. I had so many questions: How did these aged (read: vintage) luggage tags wind up in this Santa Monica back alley? To whom did they belong? Are they lovely people? Perhaps star-crossed lovers? Oooh! Or maybe spies? Where had these tags and adjoining bags traveled, and what did they see along the way? Would they speak of beautiful sights and amazing adventure? Or would they reveal unforeseen circumstances that prompted their wayfaring?

Then the wanderlust set in. I’m past due for a vacation.

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