Found Objects: Interesting Signage in Long Beach and Beyond

May 24, 2016

I know I’ve chronicled lots of murals and street art here, but one thing worthy of coverage is the equally eye-catching signs found all over Long Beach, Los Angeles and beyond. In this Found Objects post, I feature some of the aesthetically pleasing pieces of signage I’ve encountered.

First, let me start at home in Long Beach. This warning sign (literally and figuratively) puts it out there that the Del Amo Swapmeet is in no way, shape or form responsible for vehicle theft or damage. No big deal and reasonable when you think about it. But what made this sign extra special for me is the “Jesus Saves” sticker slapped on the sign’s top left corner. It’s amusing because it’s almost like the sign is an admonition that God is watching (a.k.a. Don’t be a horrible person and take things that don’t belong to you! But if you do break some laws, He can forgive you and save you from your unrighteousness). Great stuff!

See more of the interesting signage that struck my fancy after the jump!

This sign for the Sewing Arts Center, which apparently been around since 1955, has always been a point of interest. It’s like a ray of sunshine waving at you as your soldier on in traffic on the 10 East in Santa Monica. The teal color is inviting and the artistic rendering of the sewing machine makes me want to find out what awaits behind those walls. I mean, the sign does say, “If you were here you’d be sewing!” But what does that really mean? What does it look like inside? Is it like the chocolate factory of sewing machinery? Instead of oompa-loompas are there tiny, elderly seamstresses with nimble fingers, catchy spontaneous songs and quick dancing feet? So many questions!

Las Vegas, Nevada, is where I happened upon this darling sign for the ladies room. Earlier this month when I was in town for a bachelorette party, me and a couple of friends decided to check out Yardbird Southern Table & Bar inside The Venetian for the beer flights and a shot of rye whiskey (if memory serves), and nature called (as it often does while imbibing) so I headed to the bathroom. I liked the multiple layers of the sign: Women are sometimes called “birds” or “chickens” (not saying I support it, just pointing out facts), so it was comically fitting that a hen is used to depict the women’s restroom. That gave me a chuckle.

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