Found Objects: Echo Park Charm

October 2, 2014


It’s always a treat for my eyes when I’m in Echo Park. This neighborhood has so much character that I can’t even put a general name to what I found, so I’ll just call it “Echo Park charm.”

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I pass this bright mural on the way to the freeway on the regular. The big guy reminds me of Stimpy of “Ren and Stimpy,” and I love the heart-shaped nose.


Can’t argue with the peace sign. I’m all for it.


Hungry? Why, yes I am. This is particularly great because it’s in the alleyway next to a café. The mustachioed character reminds me of the quintessential grandpa pa.


And, lastly, we have this quirky looking figure front and center. But to me, the whole dumpster speaks to me. Imagine that — I’m intrigued by a dumpster. If this trash bin could talk, I bet it would have a crazy story to tell.

I have a feeling, there’s plenty more of these gems waiting to be uncovered.

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