Found Objects: Alley Artifacts

September 18, 2014


What an assortment of randomness! But somehow I find beauty in these found objects.

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These found objects are things I see on the regular in the alley leading up to my job in Mar Vista, California. This particular gem, at first glance, was just litter — that was until I looked closer. The empty liquor bottle strewn within inches of a dirty paper heart gives me a vision of a down-on-his-luck vagabond whose love note was returned unrequited. Me and my vivid imagination.


So there’s some greenery growing on a fence in the alley, and if you look closely you’ll see these beautifully vibrant flowers. I made that discovery when I noticed this delicate flower amid the rubble of the concrete and panned up to find a secret garden of sorts with an abundance of these pretties. I wish I knew what kind of flower it was.


This reminds me of something that the Tinman from The Wiz would bring to his wife, Teeny. So many questions I have. I know you see it, too! How did it get up so high? Why are they placed here? Who made this? Are there others around the city? What do you call this? A metal floral arrangement? In any event, it’s my guaranteed daily dose of artsy weirdness.

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