Fancy Things Friday

December 26, 2014

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1. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde with these Half and Half Quilted Front Jeans from Go Jane. From the back, these look like your run-of-the-mill skinny jeans, but the front is full frontal with loads of sass. (

2. Gold and cubic zirconia go hand in hand in these dainty Melinda Maria Remy Gold White CZ Pod Stud Earrings. I’m a huge fan of the perfectly imperfect shape of the triangles, which are quite endearing and elegant. (

3. Exclusive to Mossman Clothing, The Epitome Of Stealth Skirt is as sly as a leopard waiting to pounce on its prey. Be the fiercest belle of them all in this super fun piece. (

4. Sometimes you just gotta let the boo-la-la-las know what’s up. I think they’ll get the memo with this Lovers + Friends Hello Lover Sequin Graphic Pullover. I personally would layer this sweater with a collared shirt and throw on a pair of patterned pants, just to stunt a little. (

5. New Look’s Blue Floral Print Dial Watch will do wonders for keeping you on time and on point all year round. (

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