Fancy Things Friday

August 8, 2014


1. Where Brooklyn at?! Fun fact: This Uzi Woven Tee, featured via clothing line Spiritual America, was made there. Wear this avant-garde black-and-white top and you’ll be right at home on the hipstery streets of New York. (

2. Skorts are back with a vengeance, in case you didn’t know. Sanctuary’s Soft Skort is like the older, sophisticated sister of the skort of yesteryear. But don’t get it twisted — she can still rage with the best of them. Live on the edge with this tribal-print high-waisted piece. (

3. Tell it like it is with this Jet’aime Necklace from Jennifer Meyer Jewelry. (

4. Relax your feet, but don’t you dare kick off these shoes. “Why?” you may ask. Because it’s a nonstop party with these Beebop thong flat sandals. Please observe the fact that paisley print never looked so perfect than it does here. (

5. Words of wisdom: Be Brave & Be Kind. To wear this helpful reminder on your wrist, look no further than this stylish bracelet from The Lost Lanes. Apparently, the phrase “be brave and be kind” is a lyric from the song “Baby, We’ll Be Fine” by The National. The more you know. (

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