Fancy Things Friday

July 26, 2013


1. The designers of these Klub Nico Rosine D’Orsay Flats clearly had me in mind when creating these gems. Polka dots, cutouts and thin straps — all things I crave in a sensible shoe. (

2. I happened upon this website and was taken aback by all the awesomeness that it has in store. Take for instance this Pharaoh Sweatshirt. Looking for a hamburger sweater? Maybe a cat with huge round glasses? Perhaps a pepperoni pizza? You’re in luck because they have all three and much more. Take a gander! (

3. Hey now, Dopeciety! I’m loving this Fulani Shirt, which is sure to turn heads. (

4. There’s no denying I’m a So Cal girl. The Vans US Open of Surfing has become somewhat of a tradition between Best Friend Jr. and I. Looking forward to seeing Modest Mouse and catching a glimpse of the surf competition in Huntington Beach today. (

5. If only there were one site where I could see a bunch of the cutest clothes and accessories in one central location. Wait, that’s what is for. This Cut-out V-neck Blue Denim Suspender Dress has summer fun written all over it. And I just discovered Romwe in the process. A double win! (

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