Fancy Things Friday

July 19, 2013


1. QuellyRue Designs has won me over yet again with its Asantewaa: Warrior Queen Earrings, as the site says, an “ode to the mere woman who fought against the cannon gun.” I’m really loving the spikes juxtaposed with the kente fabric. Absolutely fierce! (

2. This Menu Dropp!! Fruit Bowl in Deep Red would ensure that I have fresh fruit on hand at all times. (

3. Sometimes you have to let them in on the secret. This mermaid tank is all kinds of fun. (

4. I recently got hip to Vision Street Wear and I fully support these Canvas Hi-Leopard kicks. Rawwrr! (

5. If Bill Cosby was a pair of socks, he’d be these bad boys. So colorful. So ’80s. I love! (

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