Fancy Things Friday

January 15, 2016

Get into another batch of must-have goods and wares in this week’s Fancy Things Friday:

1. Life is but a dream and dreams sure do come true. This White T-Shirt With In My Dreams Print is quite charming and, dare I say, dreamy. The perfect casual top for the daydream believer in us all. (

2. This Craig Large Carrying Case from Delfonics is a roomy pouch that can be used to hold a 13-inch laptop, a portfolio of documents and other work essentials. But wait; there’s more! You can wear this bright bundle as a clutch. With hues like orange (pictured), dark blue and mint, this carrying case can be worked into just about any look. Can’t wait to wrap my paws around this clutch! (

3. Look at the penguins! They’re tiny and fun. Like little tuxedoed men about town. This Conversationalist Buttondown by Maeve is certainly a conversation starter, and would add the right amount of oomph layered under your staple winter coat. (

4. Way to bring it with this Cheetah Print Dress, & Other Stories. Now this is a black and blue that I can fully condone! There are so many possibilities with this dashing dress — with or without the belt, avec ou sans culottes — all of which are lovely. (

5. New on my radar is Shabby Apple, a purveyor of elegant dresses for all occasions. Take for instance this Nutcracker Dress in black, which is giving me serious “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” vibes but also would kill at a gala or anniversary dinner. There’s nothing shabby about this chic piece. (

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