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May 29, 2015

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1. With the weekend — and most importantly, summer — upon us, it’s time to think about travel. Look no further than this Weekend Bag in Natural Static by Baggu to hold all your essentials. It’s got a unique pattern, which will set it apart on the baggage claim belt. Or if you can’t bear to part ways with this weekender, it’s overhead-bin approved! Now go see the sights, in style. (

2. These Nike Sportswear Air Command Force Sneakers are so ’90s, and I love every part of it! If the 1990s taught us anything, it’s that black, white, pink and teal are a recipe for dopeness. Be great with these on your feet. (

3. Private Party has all the pop culture and hip-hop references in wearable form, and you’re all invited to partake. Set your summer off right with this Trap Queen Swimsuit, which pays homage to Fetty Wap’s jam. A close second on my list to cop is the “With My Woes” joggers, a nod to that boy Drake. (

4. Joe Fresh’s Tan Mini Skirt has a mod-meets-art-deco feel, which would be right at home on a day date to an art gallery or museum. (

5. Live on the edge while wearing this Fringing Panel Faux Suede Mini Skirt in Black. So many styling possibilities: a crop leather jacket or a crop top, ankle booties or a strappy heel. All are welcome on the suede parade! (

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