Fancy Things Friday

March 27, 2015

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1. As strange as this may sound, this Madewell Abroad Dress In Stripe-Inset may actually look best when viewed in profile. Those stripes are a pleasant, adorable surprise that make the otherwise typical LBD super interesting. (

2. Fun fact: The Woolrich brand is based in the working community of Woolrich, Pennsylvania, a town that was founded in 1845 around the wool mill’s activities. But when you consider the brand’s name (emphasis on “rich”), it makes total sense that this Woolrich Feather Print Tote is as elegant as they come. (

3. It looks like you’re Out For Blood ’cause you’re gonna be killin’ it in this dashing Crop Top and Pencil Skirt. If you’re in the mood for a toned-down look, you can always wear the pieces separately. Gotta love variety! (

4. Dopeciety has done it again with its Artist.Creator.Threat. tee! If ever you needed something to reignite that fire inside of you calling you to be great, you’re looking right at it. Now get to work! (

5. Free People’s Denim Petal Brief shorts are the more sophisticated cousin of those ratchet daisy dukes. I love that the shorts hug the body in all the right places and at the same time creates a dainty, feminine feel. (

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