DIY Time: Bridal Shower Sign

April 7, 2015

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It’s an exciting time for my family, as my youngest brother will be getting married next month. My mom, sister and I will be throwing my future sister-in-law a bridal shower this weekend, and have been charged with taking care of the desserts, favors and decorations. One nice craft that my mom found on Pinterest was a darling sign for the event venue that greets the bride-to-be and attendees, and announces how many days away the wedding is.

To make this super cute sign, you’ll need a white 20 x 30 x 3/16-inch foam board, a small bottle of acrylic paint (the color choice is yours), a paintbrush, a ruler, painter’s tape, a black permanent marker, some newspaper to protect the area while you paint, good penmanship and a smidge of creativity.

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Find out how these items came together to make something lovely after the jump!

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To start, I taped off sections about five inches tall on both ends of the white foam board using painter’s tape. For the middle I also divided a segment, which I eyeballed, and taped it off as well.


Then, I began liberally applying the pink paint with a medium-sized brush to each of the designated areas — three total: top, center, bottom. This particular type of paint is fast-drying, which is a huge bonus for impatient little ol’ me. I applied three coats, which used up the entire 2-ounce bottle of paint.

I let the paint settle overnight. I’m not sure if that was necessary. (I just got tired of working on it and put it off till the next day.) I began to peel the painter’s tape off ever so slowly and gently so as not to rip off the top layer of the foam board. That painter’s tape did its job and left the board with crisp lines, which made for excellent contrast.

Next, I began to sketch out in pencil the phrase, “27 days til she’s hitched,” and went over the outline in permanent marker. Finally, I added two hearts at the bottom and some design embellishments, such as tiny hearts over the “i”s, dots and double lines.

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I hope this sign, which will be the first thing my future sister-in-law sees when she enters her bridal shower, brings a huge smile to her face, and sets the tone for a beautifully decorated, detailed, thoughtful event honoring her and my brother’s upcoming nuptials.

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