DIY Time: Chalkboard Easter Eggs

April 7, 2012


As of late I’ve been on a chalkboard paint kick. I saw the idea for chalkboard Easter eggs from another blogger (I forget which one) and decided to give it a whirl. This was my nephew Jordan’s (he’s 2, soon to be 3) first time decorating Easter eggs and boy did he enjoy himself.

The whole process was pretty simple. Instead of using a paintbrush, I just dropped the hard-boiled eggs directly into the quart of chalkboard paint, one by one, making sure the eggs were fully coated in paint. Next, I laid the eggs out on wax paper and let them dry for a few hours. The blow dryer helped expedite the process.

Once the eggs were dry, my sister Ayesha, nephew and I had a grand ol’ time putting on fun designs. I definitely will do this again next Easter.

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