Design Improvements: Living Room Side Table

April 26, 2013

You know those moments when you’re looking at an old photo of yourself and cringing? Like, when did Eddie Bauer fleece pullovers become attractive on a 16-year-old girl? And why didn’t anyone stop me? Well, I recently had one of those moments when looking at some of the decor in my living room. As seen in yesterday’s “Thrifted Thursday” post, I came across some exquisite lamps that made me rethink the design of my living space. So without further ado, I present my design improvements for my living room side table, with the mystery lamp of yesterday.



The money tree was a house warming gift from my friend, Ronilo, when I moved into my first one-bedroom apartment. I’m glad that it’s still alive and well some six years later, but I’ll have to find a new location for it elsewhere around the house. The lantern and peace sign hand sculpture also are heirlooms from my first apartment that don’t necessarily function well next to each other any more.



This lamp is everything! The teal color matches perfectly with my TV stand, which is a teal-and-white vintage-style dresser. And that lamp shade? Amazing! And I’m always up for a touch of gold (seen at the base of the lamp). I’d like to think this lighting fixture belonged to a stately dignitary in its former life — the kind of woman who enjoyed tea and wore pencil skirts and pearls. I decided to keep the brown-and-gold candle from the previous set-up. I also added this wine bottle-turned-vase to the mix, tossing in some dried flowers and a feather for additional flair.


The combination of dried flowers and feathers just does something for me.


This Lambrusco came from the aftermath of one my slumber parties and was purchased by my friend, Malinda. The wine was tasty, but the bottle is beautiful. See, buying wine based on the label alone isn’t always a bad thing.


This candle was a hand-me-down from my friend, Whitney, who moved back to Arizona (Miss you, Whit!). I enjoy how nicely the brown and the gold play off each other.

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