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Thrifted Thursday

Thrifted Thursday: Thrift Shop Like a Pro, Part I

June 4, 2015

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I’ve been a proud thrift enthusiast for many years and often get queried by friends, family and colleagues about how I acquire so many great finds at secondhand stores. Well, if you’ve ever wondered about how we thrifters attain success, you’re in luck because I’ve compiled a list of hot tips that will empower you to thrift shop like a pro!

1. Look for coupons in the circulars or junk mail. Salvation Army, for example, regularly distributes fliers for sales happening in their stores. If you catch them at the right time, you can find a 40% off coupon and apply that on top of other discounts. Savings on top of savings!

2. Don’t be afraid to shop in sections beyond age or gender norms, especially because thrift shops don’t always keep things organized neatly. I’ve had luck in the children’s and men’s sections, and my admirers are always none the wiser.

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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping at Salvation Army, Long Beach

May 7, 2015

photo (18)

This big, blue wonder spoke to me while I was out on a recent thrift shop jaunt. Tickling the ivories has always been something at which I dreamed of becoming skilled. Picture this: a full house at a dinner party, when a lull hits. Someone blurts out, “Beautiful piano you have there. Do you play?” To which I respond, “Why, yes. Yes I do.” Then proceed to dazzle and wow my friends and loved ones with a rousing rendition of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. Slowly but surely, everyone starts singing along, and before we know it, it’s a full-blown party. Then I snap back to reality because A.) I don’t know how to play said piano. B.) Getting a piano into my second-level one-bedroom apartment would be nearly impossible, and C.) What am I really gonna do with a piano? There’s simply no room for it. What am I gonna do? Use it as a dinner table? But, it’s fun the imagine. That’s the beauty of window shopping at thrift shops like the Salvation Army. You get to see some pretty rad things without the burden of actually owning them.

Alas, this bright piano surely has already found its lucky owner. To him or her I say, “Play on playa.”

ashley ♥ adores

Thrifted Thursday: Cozy Scarf from Sunday’s Best Thrift Apparel, Echo Park

January 22, 2015

photo (12)

My pals decided to take a lunchtime jaunt to Sunday’s Best Thrift Apparel in Echo Park, and man am I glad we did! This was my first time inside the shop, but I can see why it frequently makes lists for the best thrift shops in Los Angeles. Neatly separated sections, to-die-for pieces and reasonable prices make Sunday’s Best your best bet for thrifting in the quaint neighborhood.

Peeking out from a rack on top of some jackets was this darling, cozy yellow hand-knitted scarf ($2). It was love at first sight, frankly. Not only is this scarf super cute, it does a stellar job of keeping me warm. This piece also has the ability to make lively any outfit I pair with it.

While there, I also did a little window shopping. See what else captured my attention, after the jump!

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Thrifted Thursday: Christmas Haul, Part II

January 15, 2015

As you saw in last week’s edition of Thrifted Thursday, my bestie, Yvette, laced me up pretty nicely this past holiday with some awesome secondhand finds. Today, we continue with Part II of my Christmas haul, which is a sweater bonanza!


You’re looking at 100% virgin cashmere here, folks! This Dalton sweater by Marshall Field & Company is everything! And don’t get me started on the gold buttons. *Swoon*

Baby it’s cold outside, so bundle up and warm up to more sweaters after the jump!

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Thrifted Thursday: Christmas Haul, Part I

January 8, 2015

This year, “Thrifted Christmas” with my bestie boo, Vettie, was the best it’s ever been. I’m one blessed gal! This first part of my haul features accessories and shoes she copped for your girl.


Vettie knows I love a gold accent, which is why I’m so jazzed about these vintage earrings. I don’t have any earrings with the silver-and-gold color combo, so I can’t wait to style them. And I appreciate the variety of textures in the pair with the snakeskin print and gold border.

See more of these exquisite thrift finds after the jump!

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Thrifted Thursday: Crocodile-Skin Chest from National Council of Jewish Women Thrift Shop, Venice

September 25, 2014


I’ve had my eye on a chest to both add a design element and store some items that clutter my living room. I was really close to securing one from a neighborhood shyster a few months ago, but something about him didn’t sit right with me, so I let that one pass. So you can imagine my delight when I happened upon this crocodile-skin chest ($10) on a recent lunch-time thrift jaunt.


The interior is a velvety burgundy hue, and it actually is very well maintained.


I want to say the chest is vintage, but I have a feeling it could be a modern-day replica. Either way, I’m a huge fan of the embellishments and chocolatey brown color, as well as the texture provided by the crocodile skin.

Grand total: $10.90

Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping Along Retro Row, Long Beach

August 7, 2014

There’s no shortage of design inspiration and vintage envy on Retro Row (Fourth Street) in Long Beach. I recently stopped by the AIDS Assistance Thrift Store and the Feed Store, and saw some pretty rare items.


I don’t hesitate to check out the art at thrift shops. The AIDS Assistance Thrift Store is known for its annual spring art sale, and apparently had some great pieces still available.


Well, what do we have here? Yes, that would be a mirror etched with the Bee Gees’ likenesses! The “Legal Size” and arrows are a reflection from the box it’s placed inside. It was hard to use restraint (I told myself I was only there to look for stuff for my mom), but I did. On the off chance that it’s still there, it’s mine!

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