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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping on Retro Row, Long Beach

August 18, 2016

So a little while back, I found myself gallivanting on Retro Row in search of the perfect going-away gift for a colleague. This Thrifted Thursday is just a small fraction of all the amazing finds I discovered on Fourth Street in Long Beach. For starters, I immediately became enamored with the first image in this slideshow, the vintage eye chart from inretrospect. What a rare item! I told myself I was only shopping for my friend that day, but the thought of hanging the dynamic piece in my living room consumed me. I had to have it! So I went back the next day (thankfully no one had snatched it up!) and copped it. I was also happy to see that the stately Glenn Heath owl print was still on display at Retroda: Past and Present. Its smaller cousin (pictured in the slide after it) was at inretrospect, which was a pleasant surprise. Among the other items I contemplated breaking the bank for were some serious pieces of string art, a fun bucket hat from the now-defunct Marineland of the Pacific (think Sea World a decade before it was Sea World and in the affluent Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles), some kitschy scottie dog bookends and an amazing ’70s flower-power printed suitcase.

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Thrifted Thursday: Birthday Thrift Crawl, Part Deux, Haul

July 14, 2016


This Thrifted Thursday is a peek at all the great finds I made off with in my Birthday Thrift Crawl, Part Deux. I usually have great luck at Assistance League shops in general, so I wasn’t surprised about acquiring awesome goods and wares. However, I was taken aback by how deeply discounted most items were at the Assistance League of Santa Monica. I love a deal! This vibrant red patterned scarf ($2.50) could have been used for a number of things, but I intend to wear it as a headscarf. I can’t wait to tie it up in a big bow and twirl on all the haters.

See all the gems from my second annual thrift crawl after the jump!
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Thrifted Thursday: Great Home Decor (And More) While Window Shopping on Retro Row, Long Beach

May 12, 2016

Retro Row, I just can’t quit you! This Thrifted Thursday chronicles yet another jaunt down Retro Row in my city — this time capturing some sweet pieces of home decor I spotted. Click through the slideshow to see all the finds that spoke to me that day. Most of them were one-of-a-kind gems, which, of course, are my jam. Take for instance this cookie jar. I love that it has the qualifier of “today” on it. Have a happy day? I get the sentiment, but when you add “today,” it makes it feel personal. This piece would fit nicely on a shelf in a mud room, a place that you pass through daily to appreciate its charm. Call me crazy, but I’m a fan of taxidermy insects and butterflies. The one pictured in this slideshow may even be dipping into moth territory. Anyway, it’s a beautiful piece that highlights a beautiful creature. Perhaps the most nonconventional piece in this post is the bowl of matchbooks. Clearly, this is a means for this particular thrift shop — Retroda: Past and Present — to store its expansive collection. But when you step back and look at it, this could be a fun design element for any living space. Place a bowl full of matchbooks on top of a coffee table, and add a few candles of varying heights. Boom! Statement piece. And then there’s the framed business cards of historical women figures throughout the ages (#girlpower!), which could also get visitors talking, as well as the vintage framed artwork. I live for it!

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Thrifted Thursday: The ’80s Called (and More) While Window Shopping on Retro Row, Long Beach

April 28, 2016

So many thrift shops on Retro Row were giving me “I love the ’80s” vibes that I had to highlight all the awesomeness in this Thrifted Thursday post. For starters, this retro vinyl from The Boystown Gang, though featuring disco samples, just screams 1983 with the characters’ edgy haircuts and futuristic sunshades a la LeVar Burton’s Geordi La Forge in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Very special. You know, lots of amazing things come from that decade, most importantly me (born in 1984, y’all!), pull-down classroom maps (modeled beautifully here by my pal Briana), film cameras, “DuckTales,” fine leather goods, typewriters — the list goes on and on. Click through the slideshow to see all the finds that spoke to me that day. Speaking of typewriters, the super-cute teal Sears Constellation machine was quite a steal at only $60. And it still works! Being the lovely daughter that I am, I went back and bought it for my mom. Now I’m on the hunt for another one just like it for myself. Perhaps my favorite item from the day was the brown leather purse. The detail on it is impeccable, with the roses and the horse and the braided rope. It’s definitely the one that got away!

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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping Down Retro Row, Long Beach — Owls Edition 

April 7, 2016

Owls are the bee’s knees, my friends! There’s something so regal and stately and inquisitive about these predatory birds that draws me to them. Oh, and any species that devours rodents (they’re THE absolute worst) is a friend of mine! The past couple of strolls down Retro Row in Long Beach have provided plenty of owl eye candy, so this Thrifted Thursday is devoted to those majestic birds. Click through the slideshow to see them all! From cups, to piggy banks, to jars, to paintings of all varieties, there were owls just about everywhere I looked. Fun fact: My colleague has the same blue owl print hanging in her office. So I was delighted to see that her owl has a companion (the one looking like it’s hugging itself). Hopefully the pair will be reunited soon. One of the store clerks from Retroda: Past & Present informed me that the artist (whose name escapes me) also has some pretty cool sculptures that look remarkably different from his paintings. That’s what I love about shopping local. You get to meet your neighbors and learn random facts. It’s awesome. There’s lots to see and explore down on Retro Row. Don’t miss out!

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Thrifted Thursday: Finds From My First Time at La Bomba’s “The Pile,” Long Beach — Part II

March 31, 2016

The saga continues in this Thrifted Thursday! As promised, I present to you the rest of the rarities I acquired during my first encounter with “The Pile” at La Bomba on Retro Row. I was pretty jazzed about this retro Bugle Boy pullover ($5). So many things you can tuck into that pocket. This sweater’s a great teal color, which reminds me … I need to cop a pair of retro Reebok Pumps to match. I love, love, love that the tagline on the tag reads “Fashion At Its Best.” I definitely concur!

See what else I got my hands on after the jump.

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Thrifted Thursday: Finds From My First Time at La Bomba’s “The Pile,” Long Beach — Part I

March 24, 2016

This Thrifted Thursday, I highlight some of the great finds I made off with while out thrifting down Retro Row in my city. A few gal pals and I stopped in to La Bomba on a random Saturday and were curious about the commotion happening on the shop’s back ratio. We weren’t ready for what awaited us. Picture this: A ginormous pile of clothes (sweaters, dresses, pants, button-downs, costumes, leather jackets — you name it) stacked to the sky. OK, it wasn’t too crazy. Probably six feet high. But still. It was a sight to behold. So many questions came to mind, but the best thing for us to do was to stop overthinking it, and jump right in. Literally. So we did! We were delighted to discover that most everything in the pile was $5; coats were $10. Not too shabby.

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