Ashley Adores’ Favorite Things: WeWOOD’s Timepieces

December 9, 2014

From a fashion standpoint, men’s watches have long been on my radar, but there’s something unique about WeWOOD’s Timepieces. What makes WeWOOD watches so special is that they’re made from premium wood, and for every watch sold, a tree is planted. That’s pretty awesome and quite commendable, given the state of our planet. WeWOOD works domestically with American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization that protects America’s forests, and collaborates internationally with Trees for the Future, which has planted more than 65 million trees in 30 countries.

“We want to plant 1 million trees by 2020 and another million in the 20 years after that,” WeWOOD’s Ryan Alexander told Forbes. “It’s so exciting to do business and also make a difference. We’ve planted 50,000 trees in Ghana, 7,500 in Texas, 5,000 in the Bitterroot National Forest of Montana and Idaho, and more. There’s a lot of deforestation and devastation out there so every bit of relief helps.”

This two-toned Jupiter Beige-Brown Watch is twice as nice with its dual Miyota movements. Plus, you can’t argue with a timepiece that’s made of 100 percent natural wood, and free from artificial and toxic materials.


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I’m loving the dark, rich hue of this Enif Chocolate Watch. It’s made from Indian Rosewood.


WeWOOD is a win-win. Customers get an environmentally friendly and ultra stylish watch, and the world benefits from having a tree planted.

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