Ashley Adores’ Favorite Things: Market Colors Polished Medallion Clutch

November 11, 2014

I see your true colors shining through, Market Colors, and that’s why I love what you’re doing. I recently got acquainted with the online store and nonprofit, and am glad to have done so. Market Colors makes a “handmade impact” by collaborating with craftsmen across Africa and selling their amazing products to people around the world.

This is what founder Lizzie Randazzo had to say about how Market Colors came to be: “God called me to this type of ministry over several visits to Africa. I spent days with widows anxious over whether they could give their kids food that day because they hadn’t sold many of their handmade products at the market. I don’t say that to pull at your heartstrings, but because it’s the truth. Together, we can change that — not for everyone in Africa, but for many.”

There were many items that struck my fancy while perusing the website, but none quite like the Polished Medallion Clutch, from Market Colors‘ Winter 2014 Collection.


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The Tribal Print version makes a bold statement, and goes hand in hand with an elegant outfit and a wonderful time, whether it’s brunch with the gals or drinks and dinner for two at that classy rooftop spot. I’m impressed by how ultra authentic (it’s handmade in Kenya) and versatile this bag is.



The vibrant Teal option is not too shabby, either. This Polished Medallion Clutch also comes in Plum, Slate and Navy, and each features the lovely gold clasp. Best of all, proceeds from your purchases go back to the African women and men who create the goods and wares found in the online shop. Yes, when you buy necklaces like this and items in gift sets like this, the money goes back to the individuals who worked hard to make them.

Now that is a cause I can get behind. Hopefully you can, too.

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